Summary & Response


In the news blog Donald Trump’s ideology of violence, Ezra Klein gave a clear explanation about what Donald Trump’s violence-as-ideology is and how it is reflected through incidents. According to Trump’s speeches in his rallies, he said that there were some people to blame for America being not great anymore and his supporters should fight against these people. He promised that he would protect people who used violence to protect him. People need to “toughen up” because “there are no consequences to protesting anymore”. As Ezra Klein said in the end of the blog, Trump did offer “an explanation and a solution”; “an argument and an ideology”. However, it is too violent and too dangerous; the violence-as-ideology will pose a threat to America’s politics and cause damage to the security of America if Trump wins.

I agree with the author’s idea that Trump’s ideology is too violent and he should not be the winner. First, as Trump said, “there are no consequences to protesting anymore”, which actually encourages his supporters to use violence. The promise he made will make supporters become irrational and feel that they can do everything. Because they have a reason—to protect Donald Trump—and they do not need to be concerned about the consequences—Donald Trump will protect them. I think that a wise leader should spare no effort to create peace and prosperity in his country, but Trump, as a leader, obviously only brings chaos. Second, the speeches that Trump gave in his rallies have already caused several incidents. It is not difficult to image what will happen if he wins and still uses violent policy. The imperceptible influences that violent policy has on people will eventually turn the country to advocate violence.

The selection of the leader of a country is essential. It will have a long-term influence even after the leader leave office. American people should pay attention to Donald Trump’s ideology and find out what is really suitable for their country.

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