What Will Happen If We Lose Senses


Unfortunately, I have not finished the reading of Voices from Chernobyl. In this blog, instead, I will share my thoughts about another movie, which also is about disasters.

The movie, which I want to talk about, is Perfect Sense, formerly known as The Last Word. It is a 2011 science fiction drama film directed by David Mackenzie and written by Kim Fupz Aakeson, starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor.

This movie made quite an impression on me. The disaster films I have watched before always are flooded with death, depression and finally hope. There are always heroes. People will survive, eventually. The purpose of this kind of disaster films is always to warn people. I was shocked and impressed when I first saw 2012. However, after 2012, I cannot have the same feeling anymore.

Perfect Sense is different, in my opinion. It is more a love story than a disaster film. A couple fall in love with each other; unfortunately, an epidemic begins to spread throughout the globe, causing humans to lose their sensory perceptions one by one. Humans lose their senses of smell first, then the senses of taste, hearing, and finally vision. Each loss is preceded by an outburst of an intense feeling.

The epidemic does not cause a lot of death directly, which makes the movies not so heavy. People tries to adapt to each loss and trying to carry on living as best they can. A scene that impressed me is that a lot of people are in restaurant, using sign language to communicate with each other. They already lose the senses of taste and hearing. But they still are elegantly turned out and having meals though they cannot taste. They do not give up themselves. The couple kiss each other, wearing masks. Though they are infected, they still try to have a normal life—eat, sleep, work and love.

The final scene is that the two find each other and embrace, and the rest of the world, become blind. It doesn’t matter if there will be a treatment. I was touched beyond words when I first finished the movie. I think the director gave the best ending of the movie. The couple lose their senses of smell, taste, hearing and vision; but they can still touch each other and go forward hand in hand.

“Feel love coming before losing the sense of smell, drink the cup of life to the bottom before losing the sense of taste, say ‘I love you’ before you cannot hear, watch your face before we cannot see each other anymore. These are the most gentle things I can do for you before end is near.”

I think it is a moving story. There are people of strong characters. They feel sad and anger, but eventually forgive each other and LIVE.






This is a normal week for me.

I had ten classes from Monday to Thursday, including a sport class. I did the aerobic exercises in the sport class. I think it was the time when I was most lively since I was born, which means that the exercises were really tiring!

I had no class on Friday so I went to Chashan town. I had my hair cut and went to the market. It is much inconvenient that there is no barbershop and a big enough market in our university. I have to go to Chashan town at least once o month because of haircut. I cannot buy what I need in our school’s market due to its scale. I really hope that the school will change this situation soon.

I had a test in my Spanish class. It is surprising that I already know some basic grammars and I can have simple conversations with people in Spanish now. I got 100 points in the test, which actually encouraged me a lot given that I knew nothing about Spanish at the beginning of this semester.

Tomb Sweeping Day is coming! I cannot wait to come back home! I really miss my mother’s cooking!




In the article Pleasure in Naming All the Parts of the Known in Their Expected Order: How Traditional Chinese Agrarian Culture Influences Modern Chinese Cyberspace Communication, Daniel D. Ding overviews the influences that the Confucian concept of naming has on the Chinese Web design, especially in terms of “verbal information”. According to Ding, Confucianism stresses the importance of correct naming—every object should have a “practicable” name that identifies the key characteristics of the object. Only if objects are named correct, each will attend to their own duties, so the society will be stable and harmonious. In modern China, Ding believes that the Confucianism still has important and powerful influences on Chinese people, which can be reflected in daily life. Chinese Web designers do not give a specific description of the process of performing a task. Instead, they only name the steps and believe people can understand how to do it correctly. The reason why the designers just name steps is, in Ding’s opinion, China is in high-context culture. Chinese people have “a high degree of sensitivity to context [and] relationships [among individual events]”.

I partly agree with Ding. According to my own experiences, I do find that in Chinese websites, it is more likely to only get information about the names of the things that are needed, rather than instructions that lead people to perform step by step. Sometimes, it causes me trouble because I am not sure if I do the right steps. However, things have changed. Some Chinese Web Designers put practicability in the first place when they design the websites. We can easily find the websites more practicable. To be honest, I have never heard the influence that Confucianism had on the web design before I read this article. I do not think Confucianism has such important influence on Chinese website design.



I must say, it was a terrible week, for me.

Unfortunately, I have been down on my luck for two weeks.

I had a terrible toothache last week. I have a sweet tooth and can not leave desserts. As a result, toothache has been a big problem since I was a little girl. For me, going to the dentist is a living nightmare. Dentists, who take dental instruments, always make me trembling even I am 20 years old now. The fear of dentists seems to cannot be overcome. Nevertheless, I had to go to the dentist because I could not tolerate the torture of toothache. I always felt like that there were needles drilling into my temple.

I had worse luck on this Tuesday. I vomited everything that I ate at the pervious night, at  two o’clock in the early morning. I could not fall asleep after that, so I had to ask for a day’s sick leave and missed two classes. What made me most sad was that I ate only noodles and gruel for several days. All of them were tasteless.

I don’t know why fate treats me like this. However, I recover from illness and I am full of energy again now. Hope that I will be away from hospitals for a long time.

This week, I watched a television drama called And Then There Were None produced by BBC. It was a suspense drama, adapting from the famous story And Then There Were None written by famous British detective novelist Agatha Christie. Because I already knew who the killer was, the drama did not attract me very much. But I was absolutely terrified by the nursery rhyme that showed how people would die one after one in the drama. It will be more interesting if the audience don’t read the story before.

I bought several books this weekend. One of them is Voices from Chernobyl written by S. A. Alexievich. I haven’t read it; maybe I will share my reflections on the book in the next journal.



Annotation for “Blogging is the New Persuasive Essay”

Double-dog darling different

Vocabulary I think important in this part: double-dog dare, sentence fragment, emphasis

Content and structure: This part talks about making a different voice in blogging, which is intended to attract readers. Besides, some things that never are used in academic essays, such as sentence fragment and slang, will frequently appear in blogs.

We discover my thesis statement

Vocabulary I think important in this part: rendering the chaos of thoughts, elegant form, formative and summative assessment

Content and structure: In this part, the author finally gives her thesis-“blogging is the new persuasive essay”. She believes that blogging will be useful even after graduating and influence the life. She also mentions that students need to blog to think critically. These are also the reasons for the importance of blogging.

We need to teach blogging as a skill

Vocabulary I think important in this part: mechanics, radically, punctuation

Content and structure: The focus of this section is on how to teach blogging as a skill for teachers. First, start blogging earlier. Second, teach including a blog component.

“Blogging is the New Persuasive Essay” from http://plpnetwork.com/2012/06/22/blogging-persuasive-essay/


In her article “Blogging is the New Persuasive way”, Shelley Wright tries to convince teachers to teach blogging as a skill. She believes that blogging will be useful even after graduating and have a long-term influence on life. She also mentions that students need to blog to think critically. These are also the reasons for the importance of blogging. There are obvious differences between blogging and academic essays, but blogging is the efficient way to help students write persuasive essays. As she says, “blogging is the new persuasive essay”.

I partially agree with her idea. Students need systematic trainings to learn how to blog. Writing needs a lot of practices. Obviously, we will not frequently write an essay with 1500 words during spare time if it is a practice rather than homework asked by teachers. However, blogging is easy to practice in our daily life. It is shorter. We can do it whenever we want. Also, to some extent, blogging is difficult because it needs us to express our ideas in several sentences. The bloggers should select the words that make the blogs aptly worded. This skill we learn from blogging can be used in academic essays to make the use of language succinct and pointed.

However, I disagree with her opinion that “blogging needs to start earlier”. I think blogging is based on basic writing. Students need to learn how to write first then use blogging as a tool to improve writing ability.

Due to its importance and influence, I think blogging should be taught as a skill to help students improve their persuasive writing ability.



This spring festival vacation was interesting but unfortunately too short. I went to climb the tallest mountain in my hometown with my parents on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. It was our family tradition that we climbed a mountain on the New Year’s Eve. My mother believed that climbing the mountain meant that we would make rapid progress in our career and get achievements in the new year. On that day, there were hustling and bustling pedestrians in the park. The weather was fine and the sky was a sapphire.

On the first day of the lunar year, my family went to visit the graves of my grandparents. The grave-sweeping activities have been held for almost ten years since my grandmother died of an illness. Though I almost lost the memory about my grandmother because I was only ten years old when she passed away, I loved my grandmother who brought me up.

My grandparents made a big family. They had seven children and their children had eleven children, including me, the youngest one. The Spring Festival gathered the big family together. In the last lunar year, two of my cousins got married. In keeping with tradition, every family should entertain the newly married couples. As a result, what I did most in the spring  festival vacation was eating. What food I liked most was fried snake row. Snake was one of the animals that I feared most. However, this dish tasted very good and the meat of snake was very tender.

This spring vacation, for me, was interesting but unfortunately too short. I could not stay at home until the lantern festival, which was also an interesting festival.