American Sniper

I think why the movie American Sniper moved me deeply is that it makes me feel real. American Sniper makes me feel real, on the one hand, because it is based on the real-life stories of Navy Seals sniper Chris Kyle. On the other hand, the director uses a way of straight narration, with few climaxes. The whole movie seems to be just aimed at presenting the sniper’s life, rather than being intentionally sensational and seeking the tears of the audience.

The whole movie talks about two major points—Kyle’s personal motive in the war and the disasters of wars to individuals.

In the beginning of the movie, Kyle’s father gave an important theory that had a long-term influence on Kyle. That is, people can be divided into three kinds: sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. Sheep represent people who don’t know how to protect themselves when facing danger. Wolves represent people who use violence to prey on the weak are. Sheepdogs represent people who have power and have the nature to protect weak. Kyle kept performing the part of sheepdogs in the war. For him, his goal in the war was survival and letting more companions survive. The movie does not poeticize heroism—fight for justice—but shows Kyle’s personal motive as a sheepdog. When his close companions died and hurt, he became angry and distressed and came back to the war for avenging.

Wars brought Kyle honor but in the meanwhile destroyed his life, particularly his family life. He suffered from PTSD (post‐traumatic stress disorder). His head was always in the sound of gunfire and explosions. He became angry more easily and could not integrate into the normal life. His relationship with wife was tense.

Particularly, women and children were important in the movie for Kyle. The first person that Kyle killed was a young boy, taking the bomb given by his mother and dashing into the American convey. His mother became the second one. When facing women and children with bombs, Kyle hesitated because he was also a husband and a father. Afterwards, though Kyle was experienced and was accustomed to pressing the trigger without hesitation, however, when he saw an about five-year-old boy taking a rocket gun, he hesitated for a long time and expected the boy to put down. When the boy put down and left, he wiped the sweat from his face with immense relief.

I think American Sniper is a good movie that worth watching.


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