The Hurt Locker

This time I watched a movie called The Hurt Locker. The reason for choosing this movie is that it won Oscars so I think it would not be too terrible.

Actually, I must admit that I don’t like the male lead Will at the beginning. He always did things merely according to his own will. He ignored the colonel’s orders and acted presumptuously. Though he finally succeeded in missions, I think he should attach importance to teamwork. Of course, his kindness showed up in the following scene. After a surprise raid, the team lay prostrate in the desert region for a long time. Though he was hot and thirsty, he gave his juice to the colonel. (Actually, I don’t know what it is. It looks like some drink.)

Besides, there was a local boy who sold DVDs in the Garrison base called Beckham. Will had a good relationship with him. However, the boy was dead and become the corpse bomb. For the boy, he secretly followed the businessman who sold DVDs (the boy worked for the businessman) to try to find out the truth why the boy was killed. I saw anther opinion that Will got the wrong boy. The dead boy was not Beckham and he showed up later but Will was indifferent to him because he didn’t want the boy “dead” again due to close to American soldiers. I don’t know if it is true because I cannot recognize the Iraqis’ face as Will.

Another scene that impressed me is that the kind doctor, who seems to be also a colonel, let some villagers leave the dangerous place but the bag that villagers left was full with bombs and the doctor died of these bombs. In this war, you don’t know who is the enemy. Every pass-by who has a kind-hearted face could carry bombs.

The ending traced the memory of Will the first time he left the army in Iraq and went home. He went to the market with wife and child. His wife asked him to buy oatmeal. He just stood at the oatmeal shelf and the surroundings became silence. He could not adjust to the normal life. Wars cut him off from normal life and he can never go back again. Finally, he set foot on the battlefield again.

The major question that the movie brought me was whether a soldier can be so reckless in the war as Will?

(One interesting thing is that Jeremy Renner played the main lead and Anthony Mackie played the colonel. It makes me feel like watching a Marvel movie with Hawkeye and Falcon.)


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