I must say, it was a terrible week, for me.

Unfortunately, I have been down on my luck for two weeks.

I had a terrible toothache last week. I have a sweet tooth and can not leave desserts. As a result, toothache has been a big problem since I was a little girl. For me, going to the dentist is a living nightmare. Dentists, who take dental instruments, always make me trembling even I am 20 years old now. The fear of dentists seems to cannot be overcome. Nevertheless, I had to go to the dentist because I could not tolerate the torture of toothache. I always felt like that there were needles drilling into my temple.

I had worse luck on this Tuesday. I vomited everything that I ate at the pervious night, at  two o’clock in the early morning. I could not fall asleep after that, so I had to ask for a day’s sick leave and missed two classes. What made me most sad was that I ate only noodles and gruel for several days. All of them were tasteless.

I don’t know why fate treats me like this. However, I recover from illness and I am full of energy again now. Hope that I will be away from hospitals for a long time.

This week, I watched a television drama called And Then There Were None produced by BBC. It was a suspense drama, adapting from the famous story And Then There Were None written by famous British detective novelist Agatha Christie. Because I already knew who the killer was, the drama did not attract me very much. But I was absolutely terrified by the nursery rhyme that showed how people would die one after one in the drama. It will be more interesting if the audience don’t read the story before.

I bought several books this weekend. One of them is Voices from Chernobyl written by S. A. Alexievich. I haven’t read it; maybe I will share my reflections on the book in the next journal.




One thought on “😔

  1. XPERIMETRE says:

    Very clearly and engagingly written, Virginia. Though I’m sorry you’ve been having such a rough time recently! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Voices from Chernobyl.


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