This spring festival vacation was interesting but unfortunately too short. I went to climb the tallest mountain in my hometown with my parents on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. It was our family tradition that we climbed a mountain on the New Year’s Eve. My mother believed that climbing the mountain meant that we would make rapid progress in our career and get achievements in the new year. On that day, there were hustling and bustling pedestrians in the park. The weather was fine and the sky was a sapphire.

On the first day of the lunar year, my family went to visit the graves of my grandparents. The grave-sweeping activities have been held for almost ten years since my grandmother died of an illness. Though I almost lost the memory about my grandmother because I was only ten years old when she passed away, I loved my grandmother who brought me up.

My grandparents made a big family. They had seven children and their children had eleven children, including me, the youngest one. The Spring Festival gathered the big family together. In the last lunar year, two of my cousins got married. In keeping with tradition, every family should entertain the newly married couples. As a result, what I did most in the spring  festival vacation was eating. What food I liked most was fried snake row. Snake was one of the animals that I feared most. However, this dish tasted very good and the meat of snake was very tender.

This spring vacation, for me, was interesting but unfortunately too short. I could not stay at home until the lantern festival, which was also an interesting festival.